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Bay Area Energy Group will be the Leader in the Energy Conservation Industry.
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We will invest in our Communities, Rebuild peoples lives, and keep Energy Conservation at the core of development!

Kris and Shalini came to us as they wanted the interior of their home to be dressed up. They already had great cabinets so we went and installed granite counter tops, new doors, new trim, new crown molding, new custom stair rail, new hardwood floors and made the inside of their home look brand new.
- Kris and Shalini K.

We are a little different from most contractors. Having been a subcontractor with PG&E’s Energy Savings Assistance Program gives us an understanding that saving energy is good for everyone. So when we look at a home we have a unique perspective. We remodel with energy efficiency in mind. This means that in addition to your project we run tests on your gas appliances and HVAC system to make sure they are running efficiently and safely. We retro fit insulation into your attic and check the weatherization of your home to help you use less energy to both heat and cool your home. And while we are at it will look for any available rebates to help you save money.

  We recommend and perform many test to improve energy efficiency in old houses, new houses and commercial properties. Our employees are well trained to install or fix most of the energy efficiency products in today's market read more  


Bay Area Energy Group
901 Laurelwood Rd
Santa Clara, CA 95054

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F 408-492-1897