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What Are the Five Most Important Energy-Efficient Upgrades For My Home?

Energy Efficiency

“What are the five most important energy-efficient upgrades for my home?” The five most important energy-efficient home upgrades to make, either because they determine how effective other upgrades can be or because they will earn the biggest rebates, tax credits, or other incentives, are: Seal the Building Envelope: Identify... Read More ››

Important Considerations and Trade Offs For an Energy Efficient Home

Energy Efficiency

“How can you make your home more efficient? Efficiency by definition is creating a desired effect while using or wasting the least amount of resources. When we think of home efficiency, we typically think of an energy efficient home such that we want the energy used in our home... Read More ››

Making Your Home Energy Efficient

Energy Efficiency

“When building your home or renovating you have an excellent opportunity to make it energy efficient and save up to 40% on your energy costs. Building your energy efficient home When building from the ground up you can take the opportunity to select the orientation of your house, wall... Read More ››