Rebates, Tax Credits & Cash Back

Do You Qualify For $4,000 Home Energy Max Benefit?


Bay Area Energy Group will be holding a special evening September 26th, 2012 at 6:00pm. By appointment only! Limited to the first 15 individuals. Call 408 359 7470 to reserve your seat! Learn about all the incredible incentives, tax credits, rebates and savings programs available to home owners! There... Read More ››

Home Energy Grants and Assistance Programs


The US government provides home energy grants to help homeowners cover part of the costs of weatherizing their homes or installing alternative energy technologies such as solar and wind power. Grants are available at the local, state and federal levels. There are also incentives and loan programs for energy-efficient... Read More ››

Tax Benefits of Purchasing Energy Efficient Appliances


Many people have heard of tax credits for energy efficient purchases. The good news is they extend to appliances as well. You can get a tax rebate and save money on your utility bill. A tax credit is a very valuable thing and is much better than a tax... Read More ››

Credits For Energy Efficiency


If you want to start making your home more energy efficient with new appliances, windows or more, it does not have to cost you a lot of money. Did you know you can actually get tax credit for your qualifying purchase? That’s right, on many products you can get... Read More ››

What’s All The Hype About Energy Rebates?


“Did you know that you can change your lights to LEDs and in addition to saving 50 to 80 percent on your utility bill each month, you can get more money back on top of your savings to help pay for your new lighting? It sounds unbelievable, but it... Read More ››